Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Reading can help you to speak. Reading is what in your life. If you reading make sure you on the  stand your reading and if you don't on the stand the your reading you have to  ask   the teacher. Some people does like reading books and some of then like to reading books. After story is fun it can make you to laugh. Reading is the best thing to do at home not other thing to do. If you don't no the word ask your teacher our your friend and don't read the books if you don't no the word. if you like to go to the beach you can take your books and read it if you don't like to read the book over their just go and play and that is my last writing about reading. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


In Ruapotaka school I have lot of thing to learn. I learn how to read books and math. I am year 5. My  friend is Alamoni, Tyresse, frank, Nurul, sione, and musika and I am  so happy to be in Ruapotaka school. Mrs Riley is my teacher. Mrs Riley teach me how to do other thing and that is my last write about school.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Writing about my blog post.

Hi I am going to write about my blog post. My  name is Jacob I am 11 year old and I am Samoa. I have one brother and one sister my mum is Sina  and my dad is Loama.  I am going to school and  I am year 5. My school is Ruapotaka and I love the school I'm going too. My favorite thing is reading, math and I like to draw a car and a boy.I am like spot and I play rugby and that is my last writing about my blog post.

Mr Whisper

Mr Whisper broke his blue cup. He went to the cup shop. Do have a blue cup?'' he said in his whisper voice. Louder! I can't hear you!'' said the woman. Mr Whisper shouted in his whisper voice, ''I want a blue cup!'' i still can't hear you,'' said the cup woman. What you need is some big noise porridge.'' The cup woman went to the back of the shop. She came out with a bowl of big noise porridge. Have some of this,'' she said. The porridge was so good, Mr whisper ate the lot. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Now what you do you want?'' said the cup woman. Please, do you have a blue cup?'' His voice was so loud, shelves shook and cups fell down. Crash! '' Too loud! to loud!'' said the cup woman.You ate too much big noise porridge. What you need now is some whisper soup.'' the cup woman went to the back of the shop and got some whisper soup in a blue cup. Have some of this,'' she said. The soup was so good, Mr whisper drank the lot. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Mr whisper looker at the cup that the soup hand been in. It was big. it was blue. Just what i want!'' he said in his whisper voice. A blue cup.'' I can't hear you! said the cup woman. You drank too much whisper soup. Your voice is small again.'' I'll have this blue cup ,'' said Mr whisper putting some money on the counter. Louder!'' said the cup woman. Mr whisper smiled. He went out of the shop and went down the road, singing, I have my blue. i have my blue cup. I have


I was going to Samoa for three weeks.My family was so happy to see  me and my sister. They were saying that are you going to school every. I have to do the Coffey and bred. We going to the movies with my sister. I am doing my birthday at Samoa with my sister. My sister birthday on Sunday on July and my birthday on Thursday. My mum was so happy to see me and my family there was so happy to see me on Friday and that is my last writing about Samoa.